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The purpose of this website is to facilitate communication, information sharing and linkage between all those working to improve outcomes for New Mexico’s young children and their families. It provides linkages to resources helpful in building strong, comprehensive, early childhood systems for New Mexico’s young children and their families at the state and local levels.

The website is a repository for resources and materials linked to the work of the New Mexico Early Childhood Action Network.


Action Alerts

Contact Your Legislators & Governor's Office: Ask them to protect our youngest children and their families by holding early childhood programs harmless from state budget cuts.



About ECAN

The Early Childhood Action Network is a network of early childhood champions and key stakeholders who work to develop strategies and actions to improve the well being of New Mexico's young children and their families. Learn more...


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Note: This website supports New Mexico projects related to early childhood. It is not an official site of the State of New Mexico.