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Attached are two new resources for parents and providers developed by the New Mexico Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Developmental Screening Project. These resources, in English and Spanish, help parents understand what developmental screening is and the signs and steps of developmental milestones.

Prevention of Toxic Stress

Prevention of Toxic Stress: Impact for Healthy Mothers and Infants

Early Childhood Action Network: Turn the Curve Confernce 2012

Andrew Hsi, MD, MPH

Download this file (Dr Hsi ECAN 2 November 2012.pdf)Prevention of Toxic Stress[PowerPoint Presentation]409 kB

Mapping the Social Ecology of Early Childhood in New Mexico

Mapping the Social Ecology of Early Childhood in New Mexico

Preliminary Maps of Selected Early Childhood Indicators at the County and School District Level

This collection includes some of the first mapping work of a collaborative project between multiple analysts and data sources, supported by the New Mexico Early Learning Advisory Council.

We hope to provide needed support to New Mexico's energetic early childhood movement, and assist them to better understand the influence of place (where our children live and grow) on the health and development of our most important resource.

Though most of the maps are at the county or school district level, the eventual goal is to map these and many other indicators at the neighborhood or census tract level. See the "Child Care" section for a taste of mapping at this finer level. Updated versions of these maps will be available soon.

The challenges of sharing data sets, building analytic capacity, improving data quality, and using web technology must be addressed in order to achieve the finer focus of neighborhood level assessment.

An ad hoc group - the NM Community Data Collaborative - has been meeting to address these challenges. The key participants responsible for this map collection include the Early Childhood Services of the NM Children, Youth and Families Department; the Center for Education Policy Research at the University of New Mexico; and the Office of Community Assessment, Planning and Evaluation of Region 3, Public Health Division, NM Department of Health

This practical approach to comprehensive assessment at the neighborhood level holds great promise for engaging program experts, practitioners and policy advocates from New Mexico's tribes and communities in the ongoing tasks of setting priorities, planning better programs, using funds more efficiently, and creating wiser policies.

To comment on this document, please contact Thomas N. Scharmen, MA, MPH, Epidemiologist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


pdf Risk_Factors_Services_Outcomes_EarlyChildhood_Aug_8_2011.pdf

Day One Series Videos

Day One and Day Two Videos

Based on the popular Day One books (From Day One Baby Knows and Day Two: A Toddler's World and You) New Mexico Project LAUNCH created six videos to help parents understand the social and emotional development of infants and toddlers.

The first three videos address three topics from the Day One book. In these videos, parents will discover how to tune into baby, learn to ask for help, and take care of themselves as they embark on the magnificent journey as parents.

The second set of three videos discusses topics from Day Two. Toddlers have an uncontrollable desire to find out about themselves and their world. In these videos child-behavior experts encourage parents to recognize, name, and validate children's emotions and talk with them to help them learn how to deal with how they are feeling. Emotional literacy is taught through these videos: Toddlers and the World of No! Toddlers and Screen Time, and Falling Apart: Toddlers & Tantrums.

The videos were produced by the New Mexico Department of Health, with the expertise of the Santa Fe Community College Film Department and NM Film Resource. They are posted on the Department of Health website:  and


The videos are also available on DVD. The DVDs are designed to be used in clinic/physician waiting rooms and by home visitors or other professionals as they work directly with new parents. To receive a copy of the DVD, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Contact Your Legislators & Governor's Office: Ask them to protect our youngest children and their families by holding early childhood programs harmless from state budget cuts.



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